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With this widget you can display a styled button, customized the way you want it to be, anywhere in your site. It’s a great way to get your users’ attention to a call for action in your Home Page.

Button Text: Place here the text that you would like to be diplayed on the button, for example: Click Me!

Link: Add a link to the button.

Link To: Choose whether the link will open in the same window, or in a new tab.

Background Opacity: Set the button’s opacity / transparency.

Size: Set the button’s size, from small to XXL.

Icon: Our themes fully support FontAwesome’s more than 450 different icons, all which could be displayed on the site. If you want to display an icon on a button, click on the link below the field > Click on the icon you want > Copy its code (i.e. <i class=”icon name”></i>) into this field.

Align: Choose the button’s alignment: Right, left, center, block or none.


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