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Elementor – Overview

1. Welcome to Elementor

To start working with Elementor, click the Edit with Elementor button. 


Edit with Elementor - click to enlarge

2. Main Areas

The Elementor page builder includes these main areas:

  1. Header (Panel): Choose a general style (colors, fonts) or use the search field to find a widget.
  2. Widgets/Widget Settings: Choose a widget and configure it.
  3. Preview Button: Enables you to preview page. Once clicked it hides/shows the panel.
  4. Footer (Panel): View page, go back to dashboard, save page.
  5. Content Area: Drag & drop widgets and design your page.
  6. Add New Section: Click the '+' button to create a new section.


Main areas - click to enlarge

3. Section

  1. ADD NEW SECTION: Press this button to create a new section or drag a widget from the panel.
  2. SELECT YOUR STUCTURE: Choose a structure for your section (Later, you can edit the exact width of every column).

Section - click to enlarge

4. Column/Section Options

  1. Column: You can edit, duplicate, add or delete a column.
  2. Section: You can edit, duplicate or delete a section.
  3. Widget: Click the content to edit, duplicate or delete a widget.
  4. Resize Column: Drag right & left to change the width of your columns.
  5. Add Widget: Click the '+' icon to add a new widget.


Column/Section options - click to enlarge

5. Edit Widget

  1. To edit a widget, click the pencil icon.
  2. On the Panel header, you can choose to edit the widget's content and style.
  3. Every widget has a different setting. 
  4. You can save your current changes at any stage.
  5. When you have finished designing, click the 'x' button and view the page.

Edit widget - click to enlarge

6. Responsive Mode

  1. In the footer, to view how the page looks like on different devices, click on the Responsive Device button.
  2. Choose between the different devices.
Responsive mode - click to enlarge

Responsive mode - click to enlarge

Enough said - Design your own page now!

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