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Image and Text


The Image and Text widget allows you to easily and smoothly combine an image, title and description all in one place, which you could display every widget area in your site. It’s especially helpful when it comes to displaying services, benifits, products or whatever else you want.

Title: In this field insert the widget’s title

Heading Size: Set the title’s size between H1-H6.

Align: Choose the alignment you’d like for the text.

Description: Add here the description to be shown below the title.

Choose Image: Click here to add an image to the widget. You can upload an image from your computer or take an existing image from the media library.

Image Position: Here you can set the image’s position by the text: Right, left or above.

Link: Add a link to the whole widget.

Open Link In: Choose whether the link will open in the same window or in a new tab.

Image Hover Animation: You can add an animation to the image for mouse hover, a great way to lighten up your page a bit.


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