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License Key – FAQ

We are asked a lot about our license. How does it work? When should you deactivate it? What to do if it doesn’t work? For your convenience, we have assembled these FAQs.


I have a few websites hosted on the same domain. Do i need a separate license for each one of them?
Yes. Each activation of WordPress requires a separate license.


I am currently building websites for several clients, and later on I am going to manage and maintain them. What kind of license should I purchase?
In principle, if your projects are continuous, and include fluent maintenance, the extended license will be most suitable and cost effective for you.

In case you immediately deliver the website to your client once the project is done, it is better that your client buys the theme with his name or email. This will give him access to our future support and updates.


I’m trying to download a version update, with no success. This is the error I receive:
Your license key for this purchase is expired. Renew your license key and you will be allowed to download your files again. What does it mean?
This message means that it’s been a year since you have purchased our theme, and your license has expired. Each purchase includes support and updates for one year. After that year, you can renew your license for another year and get a 50% discount. We also send email reminders concerning subscriptions renewal toward the end of the the year.


It’s been a year since I have purchased your theme. If I do not renew my license, do I need to stop using the theme?
Purchasing our themes allows you to use it forever. However, renewing the license will let you enjoy our updates and support.
You should also consider the possibility that newer WordPress versions could not work properly with older versions of our theme. As long as you have your license, you could be sure your theme version is updated with the latest WordPress version.


During development of a website i worked with a temporary domain and succeeded to activate my license key. When the project was done,i transferred the website to a permanent domain. Then i tried to activate the license key again and was notified that i don’t have more activations left. What can i do?
The reason you received this message is that the license key is already activated for your previous domain.
In the Dashboard of the temporary domain go to Theme Options > Licenses. As soon as you turn off your license here, you can activate it under your new domain.

You can easily manage this on our website: go to My Account > Purchases > View Licenses > Manage Sites – here you can add or remove domains from your license.


I’m developing a website on a local server. Can i use my license key for this?
Yes. you can activate your license key with your current domain. Later, before you transfer the website to the final domain, you should turn off the license and then activate it again on your new domain.


I’m trying to update my theme but it fails. I received the following message: “Download failed. Unauthorized”. Is there an alternative way to download the update file?
This message means that your license doesn’t match with the domain you are currently working on. It could occur if you change your domain or server. In any case, you should turn off your license and then activate it again. It should solve the problem.


While trying to activate my license, i receive this error message: “Your license has missing. Please check your key again.” What does it mean?
Go to Theme Options > System Info > POJO Server. If it says Not Connected, the problem is apparently connected to your hosting. They are blocking the access of your server to external servers (such as ours) and thereby, you can’t activate the license. In this case, you should contact your hosting company and ask them to remove the block.

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