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News Ticker

If the News Ticker plugin is installed you can display posts from your site in various news ticker layouts. This is especially useful for widget areas that are for displaying news and updates throughout the site.

Title: The title to be shown above the posts list

Categories: You can select the post categories that will be displayed in the widget

Number Posts: Set the amount of posts to be displayed in total

Order By: Set the order in which you’d like the posts to be displayed. By date, menu order, title, author, ID, recently edited, comment amount, post ID, random or none

Order: Choose how whether the order of the galleries will ascend or descend

Transition Style: Fade / Slide / Typing

Typing Speed: For the Typing style only

Stop on Hover: Stop the running post on hover

Date: Display the date next to the title in the news ticker

Time: Display the time next to the title in the news ticker

Link to Post: Add the full post’s link to the title in the news ticker

By clicking the ‘Style’ button you will open more setting options

Select Color: Select the font’s color

Font Size: Set the font’s size by pixels

Font Weight: Set the font’s weight (normal, bold or 100-900)

Text Transform: Uppercase / Lowercase / Capitalize

Font Style: Regular / Oblique / Italic

Line Height: Set the line height by pixels (or em)

Letter Spacing: Set the space between the letters, e.g: 1px


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