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This widget displays animated numbers with a title and text, that the moment you enter the page the digits start running. It’s a great way to display important numbers and amounts that you would like to emphasize to your users. You can place it anywhere and its especially useful in ‘About Us’ or ‘About Our Product’ pages.

Number: Here you place the number that will be displayed in a smooth animation, counting up from 0. You may only place number values, for example $99.99, 100%, 24/7 etc.

Duration: Animation speed setting, its default of 2000 milliseconds. 1000 milliseconds = 1 second.

Title: The title that will be displayed right below the number.

Description: You can add a text describing the number or amount and its subject.

Link To: You can add a link to the whole widget.

Open Link In: Choose the link’s setting, whether it will open in the same window or in a new tab.

Style: By clicking this you will receive more display options for the number, title and description.

Style Number / Title / Description

Color: Select the font’s color

Font Size: Set the font’s size in pixels

Font Weight: Set the number’s weight (normal / bold / 100-900 value)

Line Height: Set the line’s height in pixels (or in em)


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