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Recent Galleries


If you’ve installed our Gallery plugin, with this widget you can display your recent galleries in a variety of styles, so your users can enjoy viewing your images. This widget comes in handy when you’d like to show all your works / galleries in your home page, or in any widget area in your site.

Title: Add a title to be shown above the list of galleries.

Style: Select the style in which you would like to display your galleries. Note that the styles change from theme to theme.

Categories: Select out of all the categories which of them contain the galleries you’d like to display. A great way to filter galleries you don’t want to be shown in that specific page.

Number Galleries: Place here the amount of galleries you would like to display in this widget.’

Title / Category – Show / Hide: Choose whether you’d like them to be shown in the widget or not.

Advanced Options >>

Order By: Set the order in which you’d like the gallery to be displayed. By date, menu order, title, author, post slug, modified, comment amount, post ID, random or none.

Order: Choose whether the order of the galleries will ascend or descend.


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