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The Testimonial widget is a great way to show all your users your loyalty by displaying other users’ comments, or quotes and polls regarding your product or service. It gives a nice image to your home or ‘Contact’ page. If you are selling a service or product, place this widget also on the purchase page. Also highly recomended on a landing page, it will help the users get a good impression of your professionalism.

Title: The widget’s title to be shown above the testimonials.

Add Item: A click on this button will add new items to edit. Click ‘Edit’ in every item’s row and an editing window will open, where you can enter the details.

Set the testimonial’s alignment to the page: None, right, left or center.


Item Editing Window:

Name: The Company’s name that will be displayed

Choose Image: You can upload an image from your computer or choose an image that already exists in the media library.

Company / Subtitle Below Name: Place here the text that will be displayed under the company’s name.

Link: You can add an URL to every testimonial.

Link Text: Place here the text that will be shown as the link.

Open Link In: You can choose whether the link will be opened in the same window or in a new tab.

Content / Quote: Here you enter the actual customer’s / company’s content or quote.


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