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With this widget you can add a title to the page, or above any other element on the page, especially if you want to emphasize it to your users.

Title: Place here the title itself to be shown on the website

Link: You can add a link to the title.

Heading Size: Set the title’s size between H1 to H6

Align: Set the title’s location (none, right, left or center)

By clicking the Style button you will open more setting options

Color: You can select the title’s color

Font Size: Set the the title’s font size by pixels

Font Weight: Set the title’s font weight (default, normal, bold or by values of 100-900)

Text Transform: You can set the title’s letter type (none, uppercase, lowercase or capitalize)

Font Style: Set the title’s font size (normal, italic or oblique)

Line Height: Here you can set the title’s line height by pixels

Letter Spacing: Set the space between the title’s letters by pixels (or em)


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