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Quick Start Guide

Thank you for purchasing a Pojo theme. With this guide, we will explain step by step the initial theme installation process, about entering the license key and importing the initial demo.

Step 1: Files Download

After purchasing the theme go to your account's downloads area in the site. There you'll find next to every theme two ZIP files to download.

1. Theme-1.0.0 - The first file, is named the theme name + version number, for example: atlanta-2.0.0.zip - this is for installing the theme

2. Theme-child - The second file, is named the theme name + child, for example: atlanta-child.zip - this is for the Child Theme and demo content

Step 2: WordPress Theme Installation

After downloading the file, you have two options for installing the theme on WordPress - Select your preferred method:

Install the Theme using the Dashboard

  1. Sign into the WordPress Dashboard
  2. Click on Appearance > Themes
  3. Click on the upper button ‘Add New’ and then on ‘Upload Theme’
  4. Select the theme that you downloaded from Pojo.me (ei: atlanta-2.0.0.zip)
  5. Click Install
  6. Activate the theme

Install the Theme via FTP

  1. Connect to your FTP server using the FTP software that you prefer (for example: FileZilla) > go to WordPress’s main files >  /wp-content/themes/
  2. Extract the folder from inside the ZIP file that you downloaded from Pojo.me (ei: atlanta-2.0.0.zip) to your desktop
  3. Upload the extracted folder into the themes folder on the server - the folder that you have already opened in the FTP software
  4. Sign into the WordPress Dashboard > click on Appearance > look for the theme you uploaded to the server > click on the ‘Activate’ button next to the theme name

If you plan on making changes to our theme aside from the customization settings in the theme, the Child Theme is the perfect solution for you. We provide for all our themes an adjusted Child Theme with which you can create code file changes and add countless customizations to your site. 

3: Activate the License Key

So we can ensure the automatic updates in which we release new versions that include: improvements, bug fixes, etc. after installing the theme you will need to allow remote updates by running your license key which appears in your account's purchases area. That's how you can get updates without any need to touch the code. You can get the License Key in the "My Account" area on our website. Go to > Pojo.me > My Account > Purchases > "View Licenses". Click on it and you will get your License Key.

Then go to your website Dashboard > Theme Options > Licenses> enter the License Key and click on the Activate button.

4: Install Extensions

Before you go to the theme's Customizer you need to activate our extensions so you can get more features that will make your web site even better.

Go to Theme Options > Extensions > Select all the extensions and click on Install, then select again all the installed extensions and activate.

5: Import the Demo Content

Using the  Pojo Importer plugin - which you operated and installed in the previous step - you can import all the site's content (posts, pages, galleries, presentations, WooCommerce), widgets, menus and the front page setting. If you want to import the WooCommerce contents, the  plugin must be installed before the import.

Note: Due to copyright protection, all the images that appear in the demo, will be changed to a placeholder in the proccess.

First of all you need to choose the demo content language that you want to import to the site - you can't change the content after the import, so please choose the import content according to the language you want in the website.

Afterwards choose the content which you want to import and click on Import - After a few seconds the demo content will be uploaded to the site.

Thank you again for purchasing our theme. If you still have problems while installing the theme, you can use our Support Forum. Good luck!

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