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Why Use a Child Theme?

In the past, users changed the original theme files in order to fit their own personal needs, but when they would upgrade the theme all the changes were overwritten. Using the child theme allows you to change the theme in a smart way. If the original theme gets upgarded the changes won’t be overwritten.

A child theme allows you to create a theme that inherits all its attributes from the main theme (parent) and edit the properties according to your needs.

A child theme also allows you to give the theme a customized name and image.  Most importantly though it allows you to change, edit and add a customized code without the risk of running over by updating the main theme.

Note: We recommend not to make any code changes to our main theme. If you want to make changes in the code, please use the attached child theme.

How does the Child Theme Work?

Basically once the child theme is activated, WordPress will look for the theme’s files in the child theme’s folder. If the file does not exist in the child theme, the system will take that file from the main theme. In other words, if there’s a file named “header.php” in the child theme – WordPress will use it. If this file does not exist, the system will use the file “header.php” which is found in the main theme.

Want to know how to create your own child theme? Enter WordPress’s official documentation for a detailed explanation.

Using a Pojo Child Theme

For this, we have already inserted a child theme into the files’ folder (theme-files-1.0.0) that’s attached to your purchase. This child theme will automatically boot the main theme which you purchased. This way you’ll be able to easily and quickly open a theme that is suited for you.

If you wish to use our child theme, please do the following:

  1. Install the main theme in the system
  2. Install the child theme
  3. Activate the child theme

Click here for more information about installing a Pojo theme on WordPress.

Now your site is powered by the child theme, allowing you to make code changes without concern that it will be overwritten.  This way you can feel completely safe to upgrade your parent theme every time we release an update.

Good Luck!

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