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The Builder – Introduction

Welcome to The Builder, the tool which makes creating web pages so easy and comftorable. With its dynamic “Drag & Drop” method you can build and design your page the way you always wanted, just by dragging and positioning the widgets into the page’s content.

Before you begin, there are a few things you should know first:


A Section is where all the widget columns are placed. A click on Section Settings will open all the advanced settings for that section, including visibility for every screen mode and device.


In every Section there are columns to which you drag the widgets for display. You can change the column percentage width by using the plus and minus buttons that appear on hover.

To make the building easier for you we’ve prepared various column layouts so you can effortlessly drag the widgets and they will automatically adjust to the added layout.


So how do you begin?

When building a new page you will find a few tabs. The first one is the familiar WP text editor and the last one is the Builder – with which you can build a creatively designed page using various layouts.

Please Note: If you save the page while it’s on the Builder mode the page that will be displayed on the site will be the Builder’s content.

Useful Tip: You can divide between the widgets by using the Divider Widget.

For every widget you can add a custom CSS class in the CSS Classes field.

You can install the Pojo Builder Animation for the option of adding an enter animation to every widget.

Once you’re done building your content’s structure you can save it as a template and use it for another page as well.

Under the Page Builder you can find two buttons:

– Save Template: Click on it to save the content as a template to the Template Library.

– Template Library: By clicking here you can open a window with all the saved templates so you can load them onto any page.

You can find here a full guide regarding the Template Library.

There, now you are ready to begin creating your website page. Enjoy!


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