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    the site that i am using you theme is here, what i need is i want to make the responsive mobile menus start working from 1200px, as of now its start working form 767px only.. my website top menu bar getting collapse after 1200px so i need it from at that px

    let me know how it can be done and i am looking forward to hear from you..



    Hi Ido,
    In order to do it you need to do some CSS modification.
    It’s not one line of code we can give you.

    In short, you need to change all the media queries now set to 767px to 1200px.



    thanks for your reply…

    Yes, i tried that by changing the media queries now set to 767px to 1200px on everest\assets\bootstrap\css\bootstrap.min.css

    i searched on the whole theme files for “767px” its on 32 places.. i have attached that screen shot, please have a look..

    All occurence of 767px on the theme

    it collapsed the menus, can you please let me know the list of files where i have to change to make it working correctly…

    i am looking forward for your reply.. your help on this will be a great…



    Unfortunately, we can’t offer support in such level… :/
    The theme is built and design in a certain way, and of course you could modify it to your understanding, but we can’t help with this.



    ok, i tried it and did myself so, just on small issue now, please try to help me on that..

    the mobile drop down menu is not working while the windows size is more then 767px and 1222px, please check that here

    the issue is the class “collapsed” is not adding while clicking at the menu toggle button…



    Make sure you change all the classes – this one, for example is still set to 767px:

    @media (max-width: 767px) {
    #responsive-menu-button {top: 40px !important;}
Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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