Responsive smartphone changes H1 header size

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Support Forums Support (Legacy) Responsive smartphone changes H1 header size

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    Jonathan Harrison

    On my 404 page on, the h1 paragraph font appears very large on my ipad and my LG G4 phone on three different browsers.

    It looks fine on my desktop, and the Elementor Responsive simulation also shows a phone screen with normal size font.

    You can see the two screenshots at
    You can see the 404 page at

    If I format with h2 or h3, the phone looks OK but of course the desktop is wrong.

    Can you help?




    When i insert wrong URL i i’m not redirected to your /404-page/ but in here:

    I believe this is what you get in mobile.

    Did you set this page to be 404 through the customize settings?


    Jonathan Harrison

    Yes,this is what I get in mobile.

    Yes, I set it through Appearance/Customize/Layout/Select 404 Page Content



    Can you give me access details to your admin panel?
    Just make sure everything is update – WP, theme and Elementor.


    Jonathan Harrison
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    Jonathan Harrison

    Hi Boaz,

    I have tried changing my 404 page setting in layout.

    Regardless of which page I choose as the404 page in layout:
    – If I directly type in the url of the layout defined 404 page, eg., it looks OK.
    – But if I reach the same 404 page through an incorrect url eg., I see the enlarged h1 line.
    This happens equally on my desktop and on my smartphone.

    The problem seems to occur ONLY when a user reaches the 404 defined page through an incorrect url.

    Hope that helps.



    It seems like although you were able to create a custom 404 page, it still took the style of our own 404 page.
    So i have just changed your <H1> title into <H2> and it seems to work fine.


    Jonathan Harrison

    Thanks Boaz.

    Not a perfect solution, but it seems good enough.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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